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Na foto não aparece, mas tem glitter nessas flores ❤ ahhhhh minha alegria ❇💙 #vscocam #women’sday #flowers

NEW ZEALAND by Danny McShane on Flickr.

Crystal of the Day: Apophyllite 
Source: Britain, Australia, India, Brazil, Czech Republic, and Italy
Appearance: Cubic crystals
Apophyllite creates conscious connections between physical and spiritual realm and facilitates conscious astral travel. It promotes introspection and correction of imbalances. Aids seeing future, and stimulates intuitive vision.
Position: Hold or place on the third eye, especially for channeling

An Incredible Undercover Arrest In The New York SubwayConvening his own unfortunate mugging experience with justice and his professional interests, photographer Bruce Davidson snapped this amazing shot of an undercover arrest on the New York train. Davidson, cooperating with the NYPD in a 1980 effort to apprehend muggers in the subway, played a dumb tourist for several days until he was finally pursued by a mugger. Undercover cops intervened immediately, and the only shot fired was the one from Davidson’s camera.

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